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Therefore, which contacts of the 360 contacts are to be linked to the sign lines 203 a varies relying on the model. 36 is a block diagram exhibiting the association of an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus having a perform of diagnosing an ultrasound probe according to the 10th embodiment. Display operation based on a signal generated by the show processing unit 809 could also be performed by a show unit 811 d. In this case, the show processing unit 809 is linked to the image generating unit 811 b. The picture generating unit 811 b generates display information from the sign generated by the show processing unit 809.

The BW level degradation determining unit 710 s obtains a degradation diploma of a bandwidth value on the idea of the bandwidth worth newly measured by a bandwidth analyzing unit 706 d and the past measured bandwidth worth output from the previous acquired information database 707 e. The BW degree degradation figuring out unit 710 s performs quality determination on the idea of the obtained bandwidth degradation diploma and the level degradation degree reference information for bandwidth output from the reference database 707 d. The control unit 910 systematically controls the respective items of the ultrasound diagnostic apparatus 900 to comprehend operation for the analysis of the ultrasound probe 200. The management unit 910 has a function of diagnosing the state of each channel on the idea of the voltage of each channel detected by the receiving unit 905 and the measurement end result obtained by the measuring unit 906.

The reference database 707 d has an association similar to that of the reference database 707 a. In the reference database 707 d, nonetheless, level degradation diploma reference information are written as an alternative of stage reference data, and variation degradation diploma reference data are written as a substitute of variation reference information. The weighting units 710 i, 710 j, 710 k, 710 m, 710 n, and 710 p weight the input willpower outcomes on the basis of the weighting knowledge sent from the reference database 707 c.

The operation of the ultrasound diagnostic equipment according to the fifth embodiment having the above association might be described subsequent. If the probe sort is the first sort, the management unit 514 advances from step Sc2 to step Sc3. In step Sc3, the control unit 514 causes the primary switches to 512-n to select the B-terminal sides, as shown in FIG. Note that the primary switches to 512-n usually choose the A-terminal sides. Therefore, the application of the voltage Vsup1 to each signal line 603 a is started. 21 is a view displaying how the ultrasound probe is related to the connector 501 proven in FIG.

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28, a determining unit 710 features a V degree figuring out unit 710 a, Fo stage figuring out unit 710 b, BW stage determining unit 710 c, V variation figuring out unit 710 d, Fo variation figuring out unit 710 e, BW variation determining unit 710 f, and weighted determining unit 710 h. A storage medium 707 is equipped with a willpower weight database 707 b along with a reference database 707 a. As described above, according to the fifth embodiment, the quality of the ultrasound probe 200, i.e., whether or not the ultrasound probe 200 is regular, is routinely decided. For quality determination, reference ranges similar to the forms of ultrasound probes 200 are used.

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The navigation processing unit 110 terminates the processing in FIG. The connector 201 supplied within the ultrasound probe 200 is hooked up to the connector 101. The connector a hundred and one has contacts a hundred and one a equal in quantity to the contacts 201 a provided on the connector 201. The contacts 101 a are so organized as to return into contact with the contacts 201 a, respectively, when the connector 201 is hooked up to the connector one hundred and one. An external gadget is related to the connector 102 through a communication cable such as a USB cable. A monitor device is connected to the connector 103 via a monitor cable .

The receiving unit 805 can obtain the signals output from the respective ultrasound transducing components 202 a in parallel. In the willpower weight database 707 b, weighting knowledge indicating a weighting technique for every willpower result is written in correspondence with every sort of ultrasound probe 200. Note that identification info is data which specifies every ultrasound probe 200 but does not typically embody info indicating a model. The control unit 711 determines the model of the ultrasound probe 200 by referring to a database in which pieces of model info are written in correspondence with numerous kinds of identification data.

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